Foundation of Power Yoga, Workshop - Up Yoga, Minneapolis

Foundation of Power Workshop

Saturday, December 2nd, 12:00pm - 2:00pm
with our UpLifter Lindsay

Find your true power while you build your yoga practice from the ground Up! Whether you are brand new to yoga, or have been practicing for years, this workshop is for you. We will simplify alignment to better explore stability, strength, flexibility and possibility in your physical practice.  You will also learn the power of breath, flow, focus, and heat to elevate your practice, and your life, Up!

This month's FOP will focus on Baptiste Yoga's 3 main practices - Asana, Meditation, Inquiry. We will follow the workshop with an open house to discuss our Upcoming Teacher Training program.

Cost: $20
Free for Members

Sankalpa & Yoga Nidra, Betsy Weiner - Up Yoga

Sankalpa & Yoga Nidra Workshop

Wednesday, December 13th, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
with visiting UpLifter Betsy Weiner

Yoga Nidra (loosely translated as conscious relaxation) is the epitome of self-care. It’s no coincidence that we scheduled this workshop for mid-December – because we know how easy it is to disregard our personal need for self-care & relaxation during the busy holidays.

This two-part workshop is your permission slip to put yourself first for a couple hours. Our visiting UpLifter Betsy Weiner will lead us in some writing to uncover an intention from the heart - our “Sankalpa" - followed by the practice of Yoga Nidra, where we will plant the seed of that intention. Ultimate relaxation helps us tune out worldly distractions, and tune into our pure, inner voice. Yoga Nidra is a reshaping of the unconscious so we can manifest our heart’s intention into physical form.

Cost: $35
15% off for UpGraded Members

Kids Holiday Yoga Camp

Kids Holiday Yoga Camp

Tuesday, January 2 through Friday, January 5
3:00PM - 4:00PM

Get your kids out of the house and in the studio for a special Kids Holiday Yoga Camp!  We will move, breathe, sing, dance, and more - all while learning the benefits of yoga.  Take an hour for yourself, and give your kids an hour for themselves.  

Ages 4 -10.  

$12 for a single class drop-in or $40 for all four days.

Restorative Yoga - Up Yoga Minneapolis

Rest Up: Restorative Aroma Yoga

Friday, January 12, 6:45pm - 8:15pm
with our UpLifter Meghan

We all live very full lives. Our minds are constantly racing, rarely giving our sympathetic (fight-or-flight) nervous system a break. To maintain our health long-term, it's absolutely essential to rest and restore. This powerful 90-minute class will calm your body and mind through a unique combination of Restorative Yoga and Aromatherapy. Come ready to be supported. Physically by blankets, bolsters, straps & blocks. Mentally & spiritually by our UpLifter Meghan, who will help you find deep muscle relief and a relaxing mental state - somewhere between wakefulness and sleep. Exactly the kind of self-care a power yogi needs after a long week: lower your stress level, release long-held tension, and increase your energy levels for joyful weekend ahead.

Cost: $35