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Once a month, we honor a yoga student and/or cause that is near & dear to the soul of our community. These classes will always be donation-based. Offer Up what you can, and join us for these special monthly classes, so we can build Up our community.

Nominate someone or a cause by filling out our short form.

October UpLifted Community Class: Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans

UpLifted Community Class

Saturday, December 16
4:00PM - 5:00PM

Join us for this donation-based class, where all proceeds will be directly channeled to Yoga Medicine Seva Foundation and Her Future Coalition - nominated by Lindsay Kocka. As we raise funds, we simultaneously raise awareness - and offer local yogi and yoga teacher Lindsay the opportunity to travel to India in January of 2019 to work as a shelter volunteer, and to train in trauma sensitive yoga in conjunction with her Yoga Medicine 500-Hour teacher training.

If you can't attend, you can always donate directly to Lindsay's Crowd Rise.

This class will be gently heated - so dress appropriately. 

About The Seva Foundation

The human trafficking epidemic is becoming more and more prevalent, both locally and globally. While we continue to take strides in the right direction, including recent legislature that’s been passed in the U.S. and in India specifically, the number of women and children who are abducted and forced into human slavery and sexual exploitation on a daily basis are staggering, to say the least. The Seva Foundation (created by the Yoga Medicine teaching training org) and Her Future Coalition are active organizations who work to support those who have been affected by human trafficking, by way of building shelters that house trafficking victims. Beyond offering a home, food and clothing, and medical and psychological healthcare(and healing yoga classes), they also provide educational services to help propel these women and children towards a self-sustaining future void of exploitation and abuse.


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