Make S*** Happen Planners

Have you seen all the UpLifters carrying around their maroon or grey planners? If you look closely, "Make Shit Happen" is etched on the covers. Why? Because these planners, made by Meraki Printing (and fellow Baptiste Yogis!) are the truth. If you have dreams of a bigger bolder life, this is the planner to get you there. It encourages dreaming, but simultaneously supports you in tangible action steps to make those dreams a reality.  


I'll admit, the first time I opened Up this planner, I was terrified. All these goals seemed like a risky way to open myself Up to disappointment. Thanks to large group gathering at Brandyn's house, I was able to set aside some of those fears to just write. No holds barred. The energy in that room was off the charts. I'd never felt so confident in the brightness of my own future - and everyone else's. We are truly in this together, and I could not be more grateful for this organic tribe that isn't afraid to dream big or get vulnerable. We are just a group of badass powerhouses trying our best. And it was an evening filled with laughter, real joy, and warmth (which was also facilitated by some delicious wine & snacks). 

You are all invited to join our next vision & goals session, whether you have a journal or not. Talk to us a the studio about our February meeting. The theme, per the journal, is "Own it.". I am so ready to unapologetically OWN the things I want!