Halfway Through 40 Days to Personal Revolution Q&A

40 Days to Personal Revolution is a program developed by Baron Baptiste to help us deepen our intuition and sense of self through daily practices of yoga asana, meditation, self inquiry, and food journaling. The 40 Days to Personal Revolution program gives us the tools we need to set ourselves free and live the lives we’ve always imagined.  These tools include physical yoga poses to practice (asana), meditation, self-inquiry questions to answer, and 12 laws of transformation to follow. The Twelve Laws of Transformation are as follows.

  1. Seek the Truth

  2. Be Willing to Come Apart

  3. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

  4. Commit to Growth

  5. Shift Your Vision

  6. Drop What You Know

  7. Relax with What Is

  8. Remove the Rocks

  9. Don’t Rush the Process

  10. Be True to Yourself

  11. Be Still and Know

  12. Understand That the Whole is the Goal

At Up Yoga, we facilitate the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program with members of our community twice a year, and discuss the laws of transformation and our experiences of them in our lives during weekly group meetings. We are halfway through our Fall 2018 revolution, and participants are seeing big changes in their lives and in their yoga practices!

Q&A with 40 Days Participants

37 people are participating in our 40 Days program this fall, and each and every one of them is Up to something big! We sat down with a few participants to hear about their experience Up to this point.

What has been your biggest learning so far during this program?

Amy: My biggest learning and challenge have been taking time for myself. I feel guilty taking time to go to a class for myself even though I know my whole family benefits from me having a regular practice. My work is to release the story that I am not worthy.

Brandyn: When I am busy working long days, I don’t prioritize asana and meditation

Emily H: The thing that has been most impactful has been the meditation practice. It’s something that hasn’t been consistent for me in the past three years, and being back it in consistently, I’ve realized how powerful it is–even just 10 minutes at a time. I definitely have 10 minutes to meditate, every day, no doubt about it. On most days, I have more. Taking that time to sit quietly, connect to myself, and re-center helps me shift out of reactivity.

What has been the most challenging part of this program for you?

Emily H: Priority management. How do I fit it all in? I’ve had to sit down and plan the week’s activities so that I’m setting time aside and holding myself accountable, and on some days, it seems the time isn’t there.

Days that I miss one of the commitments, I hold space to forgive myself, recommit and start again – as many times as it takes.

Emily W: Meditation! When I did the program last fall, the meditation practice came more naturally to me. This time I can't seem to turn off my brain! I'm hoping that by staying committed things will start to shift.

How have you been doing? Have you been practicing 6x a week, meditating 2x a week, and logging your food?

Amy: I have struggled the most committing to the asana practice. Sometimes it’s a lot to leave home for a practice at the studio so often I fit it in by unwinding my day with a home practice on my mat next to my puppy or daughter. I have enjoyed welcoming meditation back into my daily routine. I truly LOVE it. I crave it. But I don't always make time for it.

I keep using the excuse that I am a mom. I really appreciated during last week’s big group session how Lindsay talked about all the excuses we can come up with to avoid the practice.  No excuse is valid. I am not busier than my neighbor. Which means … I need to do the work!

In the three weeks since starting the program I have noticed a difference in my mood and patience. I am less reactive and more loving to myself and others

Emily W: Yes to practicing asana six times a week. That comes the most naturally to me. I've never felt stronger in my practice and I am excited to see where this commitment takes me since we're just at the halfway point! I've meditated twice a day, every day, except for last Saturday. Weekends are a lot harder because I just want to be lazy and hang out with friends! Logging my food is also a challenge because I'm doing the Whole30 in conjunction with 40 Days. I know that I'm eating the right foods to fuel my body, so taking the extra effort to write it down hasn't been a top priority.

What have you learned about yourself so far?

Emily W: I've learned that I hold onto a lot of resentment. It leads me to feel tense and stressed out, so I'm letting that go and practicing forgiveness instead. I've also learned there's a whole lot going on in my brain–if someone recorded how many topic jumps happen up there during my meditation, they'd think I was insane!

What has surprised you about the program?

Emily H: It’s harder than I remember! The last time I participated in 40 Days, my life was totally different, but busier than it is now. And then it seemed easier to fit in the practices. I’ve also learned that when I am faced with having to determine what I don’t have time for in a day, self-care is usually at the top of the list! This has been a huge learning for me about prioritization

Kristin: I came into 40 Days feeling super skeptical. The name, 40 Days to Personal Revolution, sounded very cliché. And how do you have a "personal revolution" in just six weeks? And yet, I was very curious. What would it feel like to develop a more consistent meditation and yoga practice? Would I learn something about myself? Do I even have time for this?

Three weeks in and I am so happy I signed Up! I look forward to our Tuesday night meetings and getting to chat with my group about the previous week. I have developed a consistent practice and have learned tools to integrate the ideas and methodology of yoga and meditation into my everyday life. It’s been a great way to get more involved in the Up Yoga community and meet others with a shared interest in yoga.

How have you incorporated the daily practices into your life?

Emily H: I’ve been meditating during lunch, practicing after cooking dinner. I adopted a puppy in May and she’s 9 months old right now. Every time that I mediate in my living room, she curls up next to me and lays her head in my lap. EVERY TIME! It’s the sweetest thing!

What are you most excited about regarding the second half of the program?

Amy: To be honest, I am a little nervous for the practices to increase in duration. I have a couple trips coming up, so I am going to have to commit to myself even though my routine and scenery will be different.

I am grateful for my small group to keep me accountable!

Emily H: I’m excited to see how my body feels at the end. Week three was hard for me, my body felt like it was made of bricks more often than not. But I’ve had some emotional shifts in my relationships and I’m excited to see how that shows Up as we move into longer practices and longer meditations!

Emily W: I'm excited to see how my yoga practice develops! I'm about to nail side crow on one arm instead of using both forearms, and my handstand is SO CLOSE.

Let the Revolution Begin

Doing this work is a powerful way to stay present and to be at cause for something greater than ourselves each and every day. Physical asana might be what you see on the Up Yoga schedule, but what happens within the walls of our studio goes much deeper. Through the practices of asana, meditation, and self-inquiry, we invite you to dig a little deeper and discover what’s possible when you try something new.

Begin your personal revolution today by signing Up for class! We can’t wait to meet you!