What are you creating in 2018?

unroll your mat

The questions I ask myself in a new year are the same questions I ask myself all year round.  They roll through my mind on and off my mat.  “Who am I”, and not in the “I’m a mom/doula/yoga teacher/sexy wife” kind of way...but really, who am I deep in my being?  What do I stand for?  What are my core values?  How do I show Up for other people?  How do I break out of my comfort zone and find my edges?  What is my WHY?  What holds me back?  What am I afraid of?  What lights me Up?

When the answers to these questions inform my being, my life and practice are at ease.  I am committed to my own personal growth; motivated to inspire others to find their passion and to empower them to take action.  My core values are growth, community and integrity. I am an advocate for your greatness and for mine.  Fear of failure holds me back. Encouragement and courage light me Up!  When I wander from my values, I suffer.  I know the next breath is a chance to grab the wheel, get back on course, and start again.

What are your answers?  Grab a pen and write them down.  Come in to the studio, roll out your mat, and let them flow through you with every breath you take.  Set intentions that are aligned with your values.  Declare your intentions to our community and watch what happens.  In October 2016 I aligned my values with action.  I opened my mouth and said six magic words: “I am opening a yoga studio”.....What awaits us in 2018?  Let’s find out together.


Lindsay Grabb