Be a YES - an Update from Kelly

Greetings from Santa Fe!

How goes the adventure, you ask?

We have been in Santa Fe for 10 weeks now.  Adjusting to tiny home living has been super easy.  Well, let me be honest.  Adjusting to life in 500 sq. feet has been easy.  We came from 728 sq. feet, so downsizing has not been difficult at all. Ben has created a beautiful space for us by combining all of the most frequently used rooms in the average home - the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, and the bedroom - into our tiny home.  The space is full of comfort, warmth, and touches of our former home in Minnesota. I have lots of reminders of all of you in this space!

There hasn’t been anything truly difficult, but there have been adjustments.  I used to be one of those people that stood in the shower, letting the water run, and just thinking.  I’m almost too embarrassed to admit that I also used to stand mindlessly at the sink, water running as I washed the dishes.  Not anymore!  Water is our most precious resource.  Ben has done an amazing job making sure the water tank always has plenty of water. When I say “job”, I mean it.  He drives to the well, fills up one water tank to transport water to the house, and fills the tank in the ground.  It is a task he does without complaint.  There are trade offs here.  Work to fill your own water tank, and not get a water bill every month.  

Another trade off has been electricity.  Our energy is solar.  I have to be careful about what appliances I use and when I use them.  I was surprised one day when I was doing a test run with my Instant Pot just how much energy it drew from the solar batteries.  I don’t use a hair dryer anymore.  I also don’t pay an electric bill.

Mindfulness.  It has been the key to thriving here these past 10 weeks and will continue to be the foundation to all I do moving forward.

If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would be living in a tiny house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, married to Ben, living with 3 Chihuahuas, I would have had many responses for you other than “yes”.  4 and 1/2 years ago I started yoga.  I started by saying yes to everything.  Every workshop that was offered, I took it.  Teacher training?  Oh, sure, yes to that too.  Actually teach a class?  Okay!

As I continued to practice saying yes, I also had to practice dropping the anxiety that I had that would see the downside to every yes.  Believe me, I can easily catastrophize any situation.  Ben used to joke that I could get a splinter in my finger and in about 3 steps I could tell you why I would end up in the emergency room.  

I’ve had to coach myself that I am ready NOW.  Not 3 years from now after I’ve accomplished x,y, and z.  Now.  

It all started with my yoga practice.  Saying yes, making that commitment to myself first to be on my mat.  Trying every pose.  First time in crow pose my feet didn’t come up off the floor.  Wheel pose?  I stayed in bridge for a lot of classes, until I started to wonder why I wasn’t even trying it.  I had to turn in, and listen to that wondering, and drop the stories, the excuses I was making.   I learned I need to stay HERE on my mat, breathe, and mindfully and intentionally set up each and every pose.  Press the four corners of my feet down into the mat.  Draw my belly in and up to my spine.  Use my core to expand out.  

I then started to listen to that voice when I was off the mat.  What am I waiting for?  Drop the stories.  I am ready now.   Breathe. Be mindful.  Take actions that are intentional, not necessarily calculated. Stand my ground in my decisions. Press my feet down onto the floor. Stand up tall and confidently enter into new situations.  Draw my belly in and up to my spine.  Connect and create conversations and relationships with new people.  Use my core to expand out.  

My next yes?  Completing my resume and getting a teaching job!

I’ll continue to check in with you from Santa Fe. You can keep up with me on Instagram @kelbeaudoin.  





Lindsay Grabb