Benefits of a Heated Yoga Practice

Summer in Minneapolis is a the perfect time to enjoy outside activities.  We get that!  And....there are a number of surprising reasons why you should continue with a heated yoga practice during these warmer months.

1.  Acclimation to summer heat - practicing heated yoga helps our bodies adapt to sweating and hotter temperatures.  Work through the heat in class and when you hop on your bike when it's 85 outside you're ready to ride hard without getting overheated.

2.  You're already warm when you walk in the door - in the winter you walk in with your shoulders Up to your ears from battling the cold wind.  Now you walk in, slip off your sandals and walk in the door...shoulders relaxed and body warm.  You'll feel the difference in your first down dog.

3.  Maintaining your practice - overheard just this morning "I haven't been to my mat in over a month, my practice feels completely different."  Yes, that will happen.  Our bodies need a consistent practice to transform.  Summer is a time to relax and enjoy life.  Yoga is a great way to relax.  Don't skip this step!

4. Prepares your body for other activities - Do you want to join a friend for a hike or run around the lake?  Swim with your kids? Maybe even pop Up on a wakeboard?  Us too!  Keeping Up your practice will keep your body strong and flexible so you can jump right in to your summer activities without risking injury.

5. Keeps your body fit - Power Yoga offers so many incredible benefits AND lets be real for a of them is it brings our body back to it's natural shape which includes losing weight, toned muscle and gained flexibility.  In summer we wear less clothing so it's the perfect time to show off your new shape.

6.  Build Community - We make friends at yoga and what better time to grab a friend & head out for a playdate than in the summer.  There are tons of places to sit and sip beverages around the studio post class.  

So grab your mat, your friends and water bottle and head on over to the studio for your yoga fix this summer! 

Lindsay GrabbComment