The Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox

You've probably heard the rumors by now - our 40 Days to Personal Revolution program include a five day sugar detox (slight variation from the Fruit Feast featured in Baron Baptiste's book). If you've done this program before, you know this "Detox" isn't really about the sugar at all, but more about your emotional reaction to such a process. We're not asking you to believe in this process yet, but just be open to the idea that there's something to learn, something that could benefit you immensely. Our nutrition guru & badass teacher Kelly shares her insights on a Sugar Detox:

Have you ever considered a Detox for your body?

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Detoxes are amazing at helping to identify how you feel when you remove a food/substance from your diet for a period of time, and then add it back in to determine if it makes you feel better or worse.  I’ve done a Whole30 (eight of them actually!) and can tell you without a doubt that gluten makes me feel bloated, and dairy makes me congested.  Have you ever heard my throat crack during "Om" in class?  Guess who has been having lots of dairy?  Yep, me.  Knowledge is power.   

A detox can help you to uncover how you may feel physically when you consume something, and, more importantly, WHY you choose to consume something despite the physical affects.   For example, when I’m deep in the rabbit hole of sugar consumption, I am looking for soothing.  I found myself there last week. 

My husband Ben is gone in New Mexico, and I am here in Minneapolis by myself.  I want to feel better, and I am somewhat of a magician in the kitchen, so, why not bake?

Well, here is why.  I know what happens when I bake.  I eat.  I eat to taste, and then I keep eating to feed the dopamine dragon in my brain.  I feed to soothe the feelings of loneliness with Ben being away.   Then I feel guilty, and often sick.  I get on a vicious cycle of eat, guilt, eat guilt.  My drug of choice traditionally has been sugar.  My yoga practice helps me realize that I can just feel the loneliness -  and not need to self-medicate it.  

What is coming Up in your life at the moment?  Maybe it is conflict in your primary relationship.  Maybe it is a job that is unsatisfying, and you are afraid to leave.  You may not even have an answer to the question until you stop to ask yourself, and be willing to see the answer, whether you like the answer or not!

A detox can help you identify how you are using food (or alcohol, or gambling, or even social media!) to cope.  

During the UpComing 40 Days to Personal Revolution there is a five-day sugar detox.  It is a great way to uncover how you might be using sugar to sooth “the savage beast”.   

Got questions on the detox?  Hit me Up!  I’d love to talk about the detox, about yoga, about life, and also find out what might be Up with you!   Let’s be in inquiry together about what is coming Up in our lives. You have my s(Up)port! - - Kelly


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