Our Mission


We are a COMMUNITY. We UNITE, we EMPOWER, and we INSPIRE each other to find our true purpose through the practice of yoga. At Up Yoga, we encourage our friends to get sweaty, messy, and vulnerable - on and off the mat. We practice moving meditation. Begin with breath, shift your focus inward, move into powerful poses & postures, and witness the transformation that inevitably takes place in your body and mind. It is through a committed yoga practice that we have discovered the great paradox of powerful living: we must ground down in order to lift Up.



About the Founders

Husband & wife team John Sinna and Lindsay Grabb opened Up Yoga in May 2017 in the Kingfield neighborhood of south Minneapolis. 

Lindsay has practiced and taught Baptiste yoga for years, across the U.S. and even Singapore – a place Lindsay and John once called “home”. After twelve years in marketing and retail buying, Lindsay put aside her corporate career to focus on building a new kind of home after the couple (and now family of four) moved back to Minneapolis. The mission was simple: create a welcoming community filled with energetic individuals who empower and inspire each other to live bold and powerful lives. 2017 was the magic year of chasing and catching dreams: Lindsay immersed herself in the Baptiste community, assisting multiple programs and starting her own Birth Doula business – while enthusiastically building herself and her community and getting clear on her intentions for Up Yoga.

John designed and constructed the custom wood installations and furniture that can be prominently seen inside the newly renovated heated studio while gracefully juggling a number of other projects, including his day job scavenging for value among the great unloved in the global financial markets.  

They are an unstoppable team committed to their own personal growth, along with raising their two young daughters to be curious and kind.  They have built Up Yoga on the same authentic and devoted foundation that can be found in their personal home – so you can expect to be greeted with a genuine smile as soon as you walk through the doors at Up Yoga.

Lindsay Grabb & John Sinna - Founders of Up Yoga

Hot Yoga Studio - Up Yoga, Minneapolis MN
Shine Mural - Up Yoga Studio, Minneapolis MN
Up Yoga Studio, Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

Proud to be Southwest Journal's 2017 pick for Best of Southwest yoga studio!