A Class for Every Body


We teach Vinyasa classes inspired by the Baptiste Methodology. We utilize breath, heat, focus, stability, and mindful movement to encourage vulnerability, peace, and connection. It's a modern practice, rooted in ancient philosophy. We know it works because we live it every day - on and off our mats. 



Power Up

Our signature Vinyasa Yoga class, where you will connect breath to movement in a heated room - challenging you physically & mentally. It's kind of like recess, but for adults. Expect to be challenged in a new, empowering way - yet simultaneously supported by your teacher & your community. And if you had to Google "Vinyasa" - this class is still perfect for you. All levels welcome, and plenty of modifications given. Our teachers always encourage our students to find their unique flow - to tap into the power that defines their individuality.

Ease Up

This class is the restorative yin to our powerful yang - and is a necessary complement to a Power Vinyasa practice. We’ll begin with some heat & sweat to quickly tap into our inner fire - and then spend the rest of class utilizing that inner heat to go into deep, restorative stretches for hips, hammies, glutes, and shoulders. Your body & mind will leave in total ease - helping you maintain power & energy while living a full life.  



Wake Up

You can't knock a morning yoga practice until you've tried it. Roll out of bed, roll out your mat, and start your day with mindful movement, heat, and breath. It’s our signature Power Up class, held every weekday at 6:00am.  Come see how powerful your day can be when it begins with intention. And maybe a little post-yoga coffee from our neighbor Vicinity.


We'll turn Up the energy and play some fun beats while flowing through our signature Power Up class. You will still connect breath to movement in a heated room - challenging you physically & mentally - and we'll throw in a kickass playlist to UpGrade your mood.


UpLifted Community Classes

Once a month, we honor a yoga student and/or cause that is near & dear to the soul of our community. These classes are always donation-based, and all the proceeds go to a yoga student chasing their dreams, or an organization that is doing good in the world. Offer Up what you can, and join us for these special monthly classes, so we can build Up our community (click here to learn more).