First Month of Unlimited Yoga for $40

New to yoga? New to Up?

Either way, this is the place to start!
Your first month of unlimited yoga is just $40. 


If you'd rather get your feet wet with a private yoga class, you can schedule a 60-minute session with one of our awesome UpLifters for $100. Bring a friend, and you can split the cost. Because we get it - yoga can be intimidating. And life is just better with an activity partner. 

Visit the studio or email us to schedule.


Here are some tips/tricks for your first class with us:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before class
  • Get a tour, sign any papers, roll out your mat, and take a few deep breaths before class starts. 
  • Parking
    • There are some spots on the North side of building and there is always ample street parking on Nicollet.
  • How about that heat?
    • The studio is heated between 80-95 degrees depending on the class. Check the class descriptions for more details.
  • So I'll sweat?
    • Most definitely. We have changing rooms and showers for your convenience. 
  • So hydrate!
    • Drink water before and after class, and think about having a coconut water or banana (nature's electrolytes) to keep the water in. Avoid eating too much before class. 
  • Avoid wearing cotton
    • It can get heavy when it's sweaty!
  • Hands-On-Assists
    • Our teachers are highly trained in giving you hands-on-assits to help you move into deeper postures safely. You can always let a teacher know if you do not want to be touched. 
  • Most importantly...
    • Drop whatever expectations you have - let the class be what it is!